Clinic Professional

disinfectant for dry hand washing and surface cleaning, with the synergistic activity of active components - benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) and ethyl alcohol (60%), has a highly effective activity:

bulletCleans hands and surfaces
bulletGives the skin a feeling of freshness and, due to its high glycerol content, does not dry out and cause irritation
bulletIt is not greasy so it is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces in public spaces, offices and households
bulletIdeal for disinfection of clothes
bulletIdeal for disinfection of equipment or accessories
bulletComes in 500 ml spray bottle with a pump and dispenser, for convenient usage in any space

Mikrobicidno djelovanje dokazano prema normi HRN EN 1276
Rješenje Ministarstva zdravstva RH:

KLASA: UP/I-543-04/20-05/212
URBROJ: 534-07-1/4-20-2

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