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The Clinic Professional FDS-40 system consists of an innovative electrical device and an environment-friendly formulated disinfectant for a unique, highly effective cold mist disinfection. The system is easy to use and highly recommended for public and private spaces, industrial plants, HoReCa canal and other spaces that require exceptional cleanliness and safety.



Universal disinfectant, with an extremely broad spectrum of activity on various kinds of microorganisms, is based on an innovative formulation with activated ions. It completely removes biofilm and is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, equipment, utensils, air - in the presence of people and animals. It is adapted and tested for high requirements of cleanliness and hygiene. It destroys vital cellular parts of microorganisms, and thanks to the activity of activated ions, there is no appearance of resistance. It leaves no traces or stains, does not evaporate, does not contain colors and is not corrosive. It is not dangerous for the environment.


2 – Disinfection and hygiene of surfaces in households and public buildings or area


stroj za dezinfekcijubulletuniversal disinfectant
bulleta wide range of actions
bulletno occurrence of the resistance
bulletsafe for humans and animals
bulletleaves no trace, does not evaporate, does not contain colors and is not corrosive
bulletnot dangerous for the environment.

Mikrobicidno djelovanje dokazano prema normi HRN EN 1276
Rješenje Ministarstva zdravstva RH:

KLASA: UP/I-543-04/20-05/426
URBROJ: 534-07-1/4-20-2

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FDS-40 electric cold spray disinfection device ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The device is extremely easy to handle, is intended for professional use and has a large capacity to cover the space, which saves multiple operating time. It is exclusively intended for non-alcoholic disinfection with FDS-40 disinfectant, whose mist is finely dispersed by the device - adjustable from 1m to 12m in distance and a few meters in width. The FDS-40 is a model with power regulation capability from 300 to 1800W and particle size regulation from 5 to 50 microns depending on the size of the space.


stroj za dezinfekcijubulletsimple to use
bulletlarge coverage of space capacity
bulletsaves operating time
bulletfinely disperses the mist from 1m to 12m
bulletadjustable power from 300 to 1800W
bulletadjustable particle size when spraying from 5 to 50 microns depending on the size of the space


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